WSOP Fortress Battle - Fortress Under Siege, A Little War, Castle Defense Creature rush, Tower Defense, Fortress Battle
Fortress Battle
Your tower is under siege and you have to keep up with your defense or else your fortress with be destroyed and your people will be forever a slave.

This game is all about strategy! Be on the look out with the incoming enemy. Know their strengths and their volume and be wise enough where to put your tower defense. Your tower defense is your key to winning this little war game.

Fortress Battle Game Feature:

- Suspense music and sound effects to keep the adrenaline flowing.
- Classy tower defense for exciting game play.
- Different levels to challenge your strategic skills.
- Amazing game environment.
- Smooth game interface for easy playing.
- Easy to share and play with friends thru the game's online sharing interface.

This game is all you need to make your day. Download and share Fortress Battle now!

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