WSOP Desert Race 3D - Hill Climb Racing, Hill Racing mountain climb, Jeep Desert Racing, Desert Joyride, Offroad Desert 3D
Desert Race 3D
Desert Race - The Hill Climb Racing Version

This hill climb racing game is totally addicting, every minute is no dull moment!

This is all about precision, speed and presence of mind!
Who says that deserts are just pure plain dust? In this game, you get to race in a desert and its high mountains of sand!
Race thru the difficult sands of the desert and become the jeep desert racing king!
This desert joyride is no joke, you will be driving a 4x4 military truck, with the challenging track, you will have the time of your life!
So is this hill climb racing being played?
Just move your device from left to right when you want to move your jeep desert racing machine avoid the other obstacles.

This hard-hitting racing game is as scorching hot as the desert joyride!

Why? here are the amazing feature of Desert Race 3D - The Hill Climb Racing Version
- Offroad desert 3D environment!
- Awesome desert terrain to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush!
- The swipe and interactive controls bring unlimited excitement!
- Hardcore military hummer to enjoy the offroad desert 3D!
- Super smooth to play to totally feel real offroad desert 3D race!
- This hill climb racing game is free for now, so download before we charge!

The military is on high alert, as the head of platoon you are in-charge of everything! You need to make sure that armory is full, food supply is ample and communication is always up.

Upon checking, you need more bullets in the armory, you need to drive thru the next headquarters to get more supply. However, driving thru the next headquarter is not as simple, there are enemies on the lookout! Drive thru the offroad desert with vigilance. In time constraint, do the desert joyride in full speed! Don't allow the desert get the best of you!

Download now while you can enjoy this quality jeep desert racing for free! See who can drive the best among your peers thru this game's online sharing interface!

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